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The climb of Yin Kang Lei is just a new height

Shenzhen Yinkangle Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales and service. It mainly deals in products related to somatosensory music technology, including somatosensory music relaxation chair, mattress, cushion, yoga mattress, large class chair, etc. Through continuous updating and improvement, the series of somatosensory music products have reached the advanced level in China. It has been widely used in psychosomatic medicine, decompression, rehabilitation nursing, leisure health care, health physiotherapy, whole brain development and many other fields. With the business principle of "reputation first, customer first and quality first", the spirit of "high quality, high efficiency, pioneering and innovative" has become one of the most powerful and large-scale enterprises in the industry.

Somatosensory music system uses high-tech and high-efficiency transducers to amplify the low-frequency sound wave amplification of 16-150 HZ in music and then transfer energy from the music oscillator to produce 1/f wave beneficial to the human body, which can relax the human body deeply and improve the human body function. The somatosensory sound wave system integrates many functions, such as psychological adjustment, beauty and health preservation, rehabilitation physiotherapy and potential development. It has excellent performance, safety and effectiveness. The somatosensory music system brings you pleasure, relaxation and physiotherapy in one. It really achieves "health care in entertainment, rehabilitation in sleep and treatment in enjoyment", which is suitable for long-term use. At present, many series of products have been developed for different occasions, which have won the praise of the industry with honesty, strength, high quality service and high quality products.