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澳门新浦新京8455com:Somatosensory sound wave vibration therapy with the same source of music and medicine

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The natural therapy center has a special somatosensory music treatment room, which is equipped with an integrated somatosensory music treatment bed and the most advanced modern scientific tone selection and adjustment system. According to the treatment principle of five elements and five tones based on syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, professional therapists conduct scientific and rigorous somatosensory music system treatment one by one, so as to open the door of your dormant music memory for realizing the dream of human health and longevity.

Q: what diseases can somatosensory music therapy treat?

A: at present, there are 100 clinical reports of music therapy at home and abroad. The report confirmed that: 98% of the patients have relaxed, comfortable and pleasant feeling; 100% of the patients are effective in improving their poor sleep; when the blood pressure of hypertension patients fluctuates significantly, they lie on the somatosensory sound wave bed for 30 minutes, and the blood pressure can return to a stable state; because the somatosensory music therapy can improve the microcirculation for 15 minutes, so it has no physiological effect on central hemiplegia (spinal cord paralysis) It is also proved that entity music therapy can effectively improve anxiety, depression, maladjustment and sub-health.

The clinical research of China Japan Friendship Hospital of the Ministry of health confirmed that somatosensory music therapy is an effective means to improve sleep, anxiety, depression, functional hypertension and gastrointestinal dysfunction. At the same time, it is also an effective treatment to prevent osteoporosis, dementia, postpartum recovery, anti-aging and delay menopause.

Q: what are the contraindications of somatosensory music therapy?

A: for people who lack exercise and are sensitive to nervous system in "low blood oxygen state" and peacetime, the stimulation of music vibration to the body may cause temporary physical maladjustment. This is because the improvement of microcirculation is too obvious, which leads to a slight contradiction between the supply and demand of blood oxygen. At this time, keep the indoor ventilation and ventilation enough oxygen supply can be improved. After several times of physical music therapy, the discomfort will disappear.

Congenital heart disease, serious heart disease, pacemaker or stent placement, thromboembolism, etc. should be prohibited or used with caution under the guidance of a doctor.

Q: what is somatosensory music therapy? What is the difference between somatosensory music therapy and music therapy?

Answer: Music Therapy logically includes body feeling music therapy. In other words, somatosensory music therapy is a branch of music therapy. It is the soul chicken soup that can effectively degrade negative emotions and survival pressure. It is also a psychological gas station that can gather people's spirit and stimulate people's creativity. It can cure people's inner shadow and trauma, and give people a healthy golden key to regain self-confidence.

As a branch of music therapy, the connotation of somatosensory music therapy is deeper and wider, and the extension of music therapy for psychological treatment is more extended to the field of disease treatment. Compared with music therapy, it emphasizes the human body's perception of music low-frequency signals and achieves the purpose of treating psychological and physiological diseases. It is necessary to use the special treatment equipment of somatosensory music therapy: somatosensory music therapy bed, treatment pad, etc.

Somatosensory music therapy is to amplify the low-frequency signal of 16-150 Hz in music through a special converter, i.e. physical energy exchange, and then achieve "body perceives music" through low-frequency sound wave conduction through bone (bone), i.e. the body and music resonate in one place. It makes the "external vibration" of music and the "internal vibration" of human body produce a harmonious resonance of the unity of man and nature. In the dual stimulation of psychology and physiology and the original activation of returning to nature, it wakes up the original memory between human beings and the universe, and rapidly transmits high-quality music signals of physical and mental pleasure and relaxation to the brain center, so as to effectively improve sleep, anxiety, depression and other physical and mental health The purpose of treatment of maladjustment.

Music therapy is the intersection of medicine, psychology and musicology, while somatosensory music therapy is the intersection of medicine, psychology, musicology and acoustics.