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澳门新浦新京8455com:Music relaxing massage chair - feedback type

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Body feeling music relaxing chair feedback system composition:

This system includes two parts: emotion evaluation, regulation training and report base. Mental health and emotional assessment. The assessment report can provide scientific guidance for users' physical and mental adjustment.

This system uses HRV physiological index collection and psychological test to analyze and evaluate the pressure level. There are 4 professional mental health bottoms. The system has implanted more than 6 million professional norms, which can generate a set of more accurate feedback reports. The report not only tells us how to release the pressure from the perspective of conventional psychology, but also puts forward suggestions for relaxation from the perspective of daily diet. A real one-on-one pair of reports.

It is equipped with 6 kinds of psychological games, including Bodhi blossom idol, archery game, walking balance beam game, etc., which can have good psychological control. Click "adjust training", users can adjust according to their own evaluation report.

Relaxation training: use recording, video, flash animation and other materials to teach three kinds of practical and effective relaxation methods - muscle relaxation, breath relaxation and imagination relaxation. When you feel tired, bored and anxious, you can use these relaxation techniques to effectively relieve pressure and relax your mood. Long term practice and mastering these relaxation skills will help to improve the ability of self-regulation of emotions.

Music relaxing chair picture
Music relaxing massage chair

Music relaxing chair function

1. Improve insomnia and promote sleep treatment prescription;

2. Prescription for relieving physical and mental fatigue and physical pain;

3. Prescription for relieving anxiety and depression;

4. The treatment prescription of cultivating mood, awakening mind and lifting brain;

5. The prescription of relieving sadness and soothing mind;

6. Eliminate anger and dredge the prescription of psychotherapy;

7. Eliminate impetuosity and promote the treatment of inner peace;

8. Eliminate loneliness and reduce the sense of loss;

9. Prescription for the treatment of tension and anxiety;

10. Eliminate inferiority and improve self-confidence;

Body and mind feedback system function

1. Real time monitoring of multiple physiological indicators, combining physiological indicators with psychological indicators;

2. Comprehensively evaluate the stress and emotion index, and provide professional reports and scientific suggestions;

3. Improve the psychological quality and pressure resistance ability of the industry population;

4. Improve the emotion control ability of the industry crowd and keep the emotion stability;

5. Assist professional psychological service personnel to carry out mental health protection work.

Applicable unit:

Hospital, army, school, justice, enterprise, etc