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澳门新浦新京8455com:Application of somatosensory sound wave therapy -- music relaxing chair

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[product introduction]

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The third generation of green health products popular in Norway, Japan and the United States, 6 invention patents, 11 utility model patents, and the most cutting-edge non drug green natural therapy in the world! According to the authoritative evaluation of the World Health Organization, the Sports Research Institute of the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China, Beijing Guang'anmen Hospital, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital and medical institutions jointly participated in the verification. The concept is novel, the curative effect is unique, and it is suitable for all kinds of sub-health adjustment.

The system uses the original Japanese high-efficiency transducer to amplify the low-frequency sound wave of 16 ~ 150Hz in the music, which produces 1 / F wave beneficial to the human body, deeply relaxes the human body and improves the human body function. Yinkangle sound wave system integrates multiple functions such as psychological adjustment, beauty and health care, rehabilitation therapy, potential development, etc., with excellent performance, safety and effectiveness.

[main functions]

Yinkang leyingbo relaxation chair is mainly used for psychological relaxation and hypnotherapy, and can also improve the prostate problems of office workers.

[principle of action]

1. Principle of sound wave action

As a kind of wave energy widely existing in the universe and nature, not only in human beings, but also almost all creatures on the earth, all accept the adjustment of sound waves with musical characteristics, so as to make themselves develop in a more reasonable, orderly and harmonious direction. This is a sound law of the universe!

In addition, more than 70% of the human body is water. The impedance of water is much higher than that of air and the effect of transmitting sound waves is better. The fetus is developed in the womb environment full of low-frequency sound waves. When a child is born and grows up, the "beautiful memory" of the palace environment remains in the subconscious of the adult. For example, when a child is crying or anxious, as long as he is picked up by his mother, he will immediately calm down, because his mother's "body vibration" makes him feel safe and comfortable.

Similarly, people feel the most profound and comfortable about the low frequency of music (especially below 150 Hz). Because the natural vibration frequency of human body is mostly the ultra-low frequency wave or infrasound part. In this way, the sound wave of somatosensory music directly stimulates the "internal auditory" system of human through bone conduction, and the low-frequency sound wave with appropriate intensity and rich 1 / f fluctuation is a good biological resonance element of human body, so it has a variety of benign adjustment effects on human beings.

2. Cell resonance principle:

Modern science reveals that the essence of life is cell resonance. That is to say, cells arranged in the same direction and made up of the same organ and tissue have the same vibration frequency and direction, which leads to the phenomenon of "same frequency resonance".

According to the "1 / f fluctuation theory", the vibration of normal healthy cells is a low-frequency 1 / f fluctuation with high kinetic energy and activity, while the vibration of abnormal cells (such as cancer cells or cells under adverse stimulation) is a high-frequency 1 / F2 vibration with greatly reduced kinetic energy and activity.

The vibration produced by somatosensory music is exactly a form of 1 / F wave kinetic energy. When this effect has the same frequency resonance with the macromolecules and cells in the body, the activity of cells will be greatly enhanced. Through a series of biochemical effects, the microstructure of tissues will be changed, and the metabolism and functional activities of cells will be effectively adjusted.

For living organisms, the occurrence and development of many diseases are caused by the imbalance of their physiological rhythm (especially the vibration frequency of cells). The sound wave therapy of music is one of the most effective vibration repair sources!

3. Principles of brain and nerve rehabilitation:

Brain is the physiological center of human body, which is in charge of all life activities. In recent years, research has found that human brain has a very good self-healing function, which can play a good role only when the cerebral cortex blood vessels and microcirculation channels are opened, which is also the key to anti-aging.

In the field of brain and nerve rehabilitation, somatosensory sound wave therapy has at least the following clinical significance:

(1) Activate the paleocortex and neocortex of the brain. Through bone conduction, somatosensory music stimulates the "internal auditory" system, and activates the paleocortex and the old cortex of the brain, which are extremely important for human life and health, especially for people who are hard to communicate with language, such as stroke, brain injury or brain development delay, such as language barrier and autism, which often have unimaginable effects; at the same time, somatosensory music therapy can promote The brain secretes various active substances (such as endorphins, etc.) which are beneficial to health, so as to adjust the autonomic nerve function and improve the visceral function of the whole body.

(1) Promote brain regeneration. The amplitude of somatosensory music is generally in the range of hundreds to thousands of microns. This physical function is of great significance for opening the blood vessels and microcirculation channels of the brain, improving the blood supply of brain tissue, enhancing the activity of brain cells and the permeability of membrane, facilitating the material exchange inside and outside the membrane and cell regeneration.

(2) Improve microcirculation of limbs. The precise vibration produced by somatosensory music can form a wide range of biological resonance with the human body and improve the blood circulation, especially the parts contacting with the sound wave equipment, and the improvement of microcirculation is more obvious (this is the main reason why somatosensory music therapy can effectively prevent bedsore and diabetic foot).


1、 Understand the operation process and precautions of the sound, health and music system, or under the guidance of professionals;

2、 Turn on the device by yourself or under the guidance of a professional, and put on headphones (if the environment is suitable, turn on the sound);