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澳门新浦新京8455com:Welcome the college entrance examination easily - Body feeling music relaxing chair

Release date【2020-1-6】 Browse【1978】times

The third year of senior high school is characterized by heavy workload, heavy pressure, little rest time, which is easy to cause psychological problems such as restlessness, anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on.

In order to better serve the mental health of students, many universities have purchased physical music relaxation equipment, also known as physical music relaxation bed / mattress. Now it's exam week. Many students who are going to take the final exam and graduate entrance exam come here to relax. Yuan Xin, director of the school's mental health guidance center, said: "this kind of music bed can make people feel the sound wave vibration while listening to music, which has a very good effect on Relieving Students' psychological pressure and improving sleep. For the students who come here for psychological consultation, I will let them rest on the music bed for 10 minutes before consultation, and the students can also make an appointment for music experience alone. "

In recent years, the University attaches great importance to the guidance of students' mental health. It has established a three-level protection network of the school's mental health guidance center, the Department's mental health guidance group and the students' mental home, and often carried out psychological lectures, mental culture festivals and other activities. The school also appointed a group of "psychological escorts" who were appointed by the head of the dormitory and the class committee of the students, so as to understand the psychological status of the students in a timely manner and communicate and guide them.

One third of a person's life is spent sleeping, and the quality of sleep has become one of the important signs to measure whether a person's body is healthy or not, especially for some business travelers who often travel outside, because of the rapid changes in the environment, high work pressure, psychological pressure, mental load and other factors, there is often insufficient sleep.

Based on this, the somatosensory music mattress specially designed for the business travelers of the hotel has also entered the hotels in a pioneering way, with more complete product functions and more convenient operation, which will bring more physical and mental feelings and spiritual pleasure to the business travelers of the hotel. The patented product combines 16-150hz low-frequency vibration in music with mattress by high-tech means, and transforms it into a perfect resonance which is synchronous with music and directly produces deep massage and relaxation for human body. It can effectively adjust the physical and mental frequency and self-discipline nerve of human body, improve various sub-health conditions caused by sleep loss or garbage sleep, and help business travelers in the sound field of body feeling sound wave Realize the comfort of feeling through the bone.

The body feeling music relaxing chair has five unique functions: first, let the music sound wave repair and massage your blood vessels, nerves, cells, etc. directly; second, regulate the autonomic nerves (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves), promote gastrointestinal peristalsis (prevent constipation), improve the liver detoxification function; third, enhance the function of myocardial blood pump, improve the blood oxygen supply, improve the blood viscosity, let your heart and blood Liquid always keeps young and energetic; fourth, it enhances the function of pelvic blood circulation, enhances the function of men and improves the endocrine disorders of women; fifth, it improves sleep by natural relaxing sleep, and gets rid of drug dependence, so as to say goodbye to insomnia and garbage sleep.