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澳门新浦新京8455com:"Open your mood with music" feeling music experience activity registration!

Release date【2016-5-5】 Browse【962】times

Host company: Shenzhen yinkangle Technology Co., Ltd. is applying for free experience activities

Experience products: music relaxation mattress, music relaxation sofa, music S-type lounge chair, music relaxation chair.

What is music? As the name implies, sound has waves, which can vibrate body cells; music has senses, which can regulate people's emotions!

In ancient times, the real masters of traditional Chinese medicine did not use acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, but music. "At the end of the song, the sick man is safe.".

Zuozhuan: music has five tastes like medicine. To enjoy music properly can improve people's sleep quality, prevent all diseases and live a long and healthy life. In ancient times, it was not only for entertainment, but also for relaxing the mind and body with music.

According to psychology of traditional Chinese medicine, music can affect and regulate emotions, and then affect the body. In listening, let the tune resonate with emotions and visceral Qi, so as to stimulate the blood, clear the spirit and heart. "When the music vibration and the physiological vibration (heart rate, heart rate, breath, blood pressure, pulse, etc.) in the human body match, it will produce physiological resonance and resonance. "This is the theoretical basis of modern medicine of" music therapy of traditional Chinese medicine ".

Activity arrangement:

Part I: music and health

(1) The history of music therapy

(2) Characteristics of music

(3) The role of music

(4) Choice of music

Part II: experience the body feeling music therapy

(1) Introduction of somatosensory music therapy

(2) Experience the sense of body music of four gentlemen

Part three: experience sharing

Part four: Q & A

Registration notice:

[activity theme]: it is a healthy health regimen for people with high mental pressure (white-collar workers, examinees, the elderly, etc.), and it can also give us baby like sleep and completely improve the sleep quality.

[time]: 13:30-18:00 p.m. Saturday (May 7)

[number of participants]: in application

[activity cost]: Free

[venue]: 270, second floor, science and Technology Industrial Park building, No. 6, Keyuan Road, science and Technology Park, Yuehai street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

[enrolment]: Please add "WeChat rhythm" WeChat public address, and send the message "name + activity + mobile phone number" to the WeChat public platform registration, in order to receive our WeChat reply.

[Tel.]: 0775-26416520 15268123000 Lu Sheng