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澳门新浦新京8455com:Music therapy goes deep into people's life

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With the rapid pace of social life and the increase of workplace pressure, more and more sub-health people, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, mental disorders and other diseases, are bothering us, seriously affecting our quality of life. But music therapy can effectively help people get rid of these mental disorders.

As a special psychotherapy, music therapy was formed in the 1940s and developed rapidly in the 1960s. Nowadays, music therapy has become popular in many countries. Through clinical experiments, the medical community has found that music is very effective in relaxing the body and mind, invigorating the spirit and improving sleep. Physiologically, music can cause changes in respiration, blood pressure, heart beat and blood flow. Some types of music can also stimulate the body to release an endorphin natural opiate, which can relax the body and mind and relieve pain.

From the perspective of modern science, music has interpersonal and social functions, physiological and physical functions, psychological and emotional functions. Different music can help to develop hearing, vision, sports, language communication, social cognition. At the same time, music can also help to learn the ability and skills to correctly express self emotion and self rescue. In this way, more and more psychotherapists are applying music therapy to clinical treatment. Through correct methods, they can guide patients to get out of the trouble of mental illness and rest.

Music therapy is the various forms of music experience using all kinds of music related activities as means, such as listening, singing, instrumental music, music creation, lyrics creation, improvisation, dance, art and other activities to help people achieve the purpose of mental health. As early as 2000 years ago, the ancients have realized the connection between music and health. "The book of Rites" records: "the music is born from the sound, and its origin lies in the feeling of the human heart and disease." "Records of music" records: "music to no resentment, music and Lun Qing, ears and eyes smart, calm blood, the world is peaceful." According to the book of records of history and music, music can "shake the blood, flow the spirit and balance the heart". Ji Kang's "Qin Fu" also believes that: "you can find the spirit, Xuanhe sentiment, in the poor but not boring, there is no more than sound.".

In modern times, Chinese medical circles also have extensive research on the health preserving effect of music. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the characteristics of Chinese five tones (Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zheng, Yu) coincide with the five elements (Jin, mu, Shui, Huo, TU). For example, Gong Yin is majestic, broad and has the characteristics of "Earth", which can be used as the "spleen" in the five internal organs; Shang Yin is pure, solemn and has the characteristics of "gold", which can enter the "lung", which can make people calm down; Jiao Yin belongs to "wood", which is comfortable and peaceful, which can enter the "liver", which can relieve the worries; symbol Yin belongs to "fire", which can suppress singing and jumping, which can enter the "heart", which can make people tone the blood vessels; feather Yin belongs to "water", which is soft and thorough, which can enter "Kidney" can enlighten people's mind. Five notes and five zang organs, two seemingly different concepts, act on each other through the five elements. Therefore, music psychotherapy can treat many problems, including mental crisis caused by sudden life events, long-term mental depression, on-the-spot tension, marriage crisis management and mental pressure, and it is not limited to men and women.

Western people think that listening to two kinds of music, especially classical music, is the best. Some experts pointed out that Schubert's music can help insomnia sleep, Bach music can reduce dyspepsia, Mozart music can reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. It is also said that Mozart's music can eliminate fatigue and revive spirit.

According to modern research, music can regulate the functions of body movement, autonomic nerve and cerebral cortex through the limbic system of brain; music stimulation can also improve or reduce the activity level of central nervous system through the reticular structure, coordinate the relationship between the reticular structure of brain stem and the functions of various parts of cerebral cortex, and promote physical and mental health. As a kind of sound wave, when its frequency, rhythm and intensity are consistent with the internal vibration frequency and physiological rhythm of the human body, it will have synchronous and harmonious resonance, and produce a kind of cell massage like effect, so as to play a comprehensive medical effect of sedation, analgesia, blood pressure reduction, etc.

The modern music therapy is a systematic and scientific process of mental intervention. The difference between it and the general psychotherapy is that the language used in psychotherapy is to change the patients' cognition and then affect the patients' ideas and emotions; the opposite is music therapy, which first changes the patients' emotions and then affects the patients' cognition and ideas by changing their emotions. Music therapy is generally divided into four steps. The first step is to have a diagnostic conversation with the guest to understand the origin of the patient's psychological disorder; the second step is to judge whether the patient is suitable for music therapy according to the description of the patient; the third step is to formulate the corresponding music therapy plan according to the physiological and psychological conditions of the patient; the fourth step is to implement the treatment intervention plan so that the patient's mind can be comforted.

In the specific treatment process, the doctor will hypnotize the patient, and then play the pre arranged music while listening to the neutral guidance of the patient, so that the patient can generate rich imagination in the hypnotic state, recall many happy past, and constantly exchange their feelings with the doctor. Through the mode that doctors follow patients and patients follow music, patients finally achieve the purpose of catharsis and adjustment of state.

However, it is worth noting that music therapy includes the application of different methods and schools of theory, rather than just simply listening to music, relaxing, what kind of music adapts to what kind of symptoms, all of which are strictly differentiated. Different music therapies have different application times. If it is not used properly, it will backfire.

In life, everyone has their own favorite music. Let them make a spiritual boat with music, so that they can enjoy music and get physical and mental health at the same time.