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澳门新浦新京8455com:N benefits of meditation on human health -- body feeling music playing cushion

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People who meditate for a long time are healthy. It can make our mind quiet, clear-minded, develop wisdom, improve sleep and so on.

When people are sitting cross legged, they are sitting on the top of their heads, receiving the high energy of the universe's celestial bodies, which is called opening the heaven gate; the perineum is sitting under the ground, avoiding the energy escaping from the perineum, which is called closing the earth door; the two hands, the two feet and the top of the head are facing up, collecting and absorbing the high energy of the celestial bodies, which is called five hearts facing the sky; the legs are overlapped to make the three yin and the three yang of the feet intersect to get the complementary energy of the two legs; the two hands are tied The seal can connect the three yin and three yang of the hand to get the energy of the two hands; the tongue is on the top of the jaw, the teeth are slightly separated from the seam, the lips are closed, so that the two vessels of Ren Du can be connected to get the smooth flow of the body's big veins, which is called the magpie bridge.

From the practitioner's point of view, the tongue is against the upper jaw, the lips are closed, and the two vessels of the governor are connected, forming a cycle of the day of the week, which we often call the day of the week. Generally speaking, when the human body is relaxing and sleeping at noon, it can form a weekly cycle. Therefore, people who keep healthy pay attention to sleeping at noon. Therefore, this kind of weekly cycle is called the noon Sunday. And cultivation is to connect the two channels artificially, so that the pulse in the body can be more unblocked, and keep the body healthy and energetic.

When the legs are overlapped, the legs form a triangle circle, forming a vein circulation; when the hands are printed, a similar triangle circle is also formed between the hands and the head, forming a vein circulation; when the twelve normal meridians are connected with each other, a circulation form of the side of the human body is formed. According to the natural cycle time of the body, this cycle generally operates in prime time and unitary time, and the human body automatically forms a cycle operation, so this method of cultivation is called prime and unitary Sunday.

When people meditate and settle down, the five internal organs in the body will grow harmoniously and harmoniously. Through the kidney water up, the heart fire down, called the combination of water and fire, through the liver gas to the west, the lung fluid to the East, to achieve the intersection of Jin Mu, etc.; form a Sunday cycle in the human body; get the five organs of the five organs of the health operation, the operation and the three jiao mutually linked, form a Sunday cycle in the human body, so as to maximize the potential of the human body.

People's understanding of pyramids and human body, in fact, is only a little knowledge. People always like to use people's knowledge to explain things they don't understand. If the explanation is not clear, people will not admit or reject it. Jump out of the magic and see the magic. You will find out the reasons for the poor health preservation effect and the crux of the slow progress in cultivation from the magic.

Some people are trapped in promising practice and health preservation. In the beginning, there may be some effects, some of which are still significant. If we go on, we find that the progress will be very slow. If we keep on walking, sometimes it will backfire.

When you practice to a certain extent and keep healthy to a certain stage, you will find that if you don't give up your bad thoughts, untrue behaviors, bad behaviors and bad habits, you can't transform your career into morality; without the guidance of a wise teacher, your mind can't be improved, and your morality can't be transformed successfully, it's difficult to have new practice breakthroughs and health preservation progress.

Put down people's bad ideas, like pyramids, do not think, do not think, sit there quietly, with no purpose to practice, you are in line with the "Tao" of Taoism and the "Dharma" of Buddhism.

It's not that you don't want to sit still. The brain doesn't shut down. Sedentary exercises usually begin with concentration. Although activity in the occipital lobe decreases, activity in the frontal lobe in the anterior region of the brain increases. Frontal lobes are related to human intellectual activities, so people often burst out of inspiration, generate new ideas and recall forgotten things in meditation.

Sitting still for a long time will make the mind clear and sharp. Due to the different methods of meditation, the effects of opening wisdom and self reflection are also different. Some meditation methods start from "stop" and train the mind to be still on one thing, which can cultivate the "stillness" of life; some meditation methods start from "view" and train the awareness and acuity of the mind, which can achieve "view wisdom"; some meditation methods use "thinking", like many meditation methods in the Yoga Sutra, to connect people with the sun The sky, nature, space and so on are connected through meditation, feeling the unity of man and the whole existence world. These methods can guide people to introspection, open up wisdom, and realize the relationship between self life and the existing world.


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