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澳门新浦新京8455com:Six questions and six answers of somatosensory music therapy

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Somatosensory music therapy originated in Norway and developed to the greatest extent in Japan. It has been introduced into China for less than 20 years. However, most people in China are still quite unfamiliar with somatosensory music therapy. Today, I will popularize somatosensory music to bring those benefits to our human beings.

What's the effect and what kind of people are suitable for:

Clinical studies have confirmed that somatosensory music therapy can significantly improve sleep, pain and gastrointestinal symptoms. Most of them are used in various kinds of pain, motor, language and cognitive disorders caused by brain injury, insomnia, anxiety, depression, functional hypertension, gastrointestinal dysfunction, as well as prevention of bedsore, constipation, diabetic foot and hospice care, as well as stress management and improvement of Asian health.

It is worth mentioning that the therapy is not aimed at a specific disease, but the adjustment of the whole body function, including helping to stabilize blood pressure, pulse, breath, brain wave, adjust the autonomic nerve function, promote microcirculation (especially peripheral circulation), relieve the nervous muscle tension, spasm, pain and movement obstacles, and improve the functions of brain emotion, cognition, hearing, speech, etc. Therefore, most people are suitable except for some contraindications (such as congenital heart disease, serious heart disease, pacemaker or stent placement, thromboembolism, etc.).

What are the improvement reactions:

The improvement response of somatosensory music therapy can be divided into objective indicators and subjective feelings.

Objective indexes include: pulse slowing, blood pressure decreasing, skin temperature (especially finger tip temperature) increasing, α wave of EEG increasing, muscle tension decreasing, human thermal radiation (infrared thermal imaging scanning) tending to balance, etc;

Subjective feelings mainly include: pleasure, relaxation, hypnosis, sleep quality can be improved at night, people with cold hands and feet become warm at the end, skin is more elastic, constipation is improved, etc.

What kind of music does somatosensory music therapy generally use

Somatosensory music therapy generally uses music with rich low frequency and rich "1 / F rhythm" - that is, music that can produce extensive biological resonance with the human body.

This kind of music not only has the characteristics of general healthy music, such as beautiful melody, soft timbre, clear structure and hierarchy, the elements of music are close to or similar to human rhythm (such as heartbeat, breath, brain wave, etc.), but also has some specific requirements in audio, such as having good wave envelope, that is, the change of music power spectrum should conform to the characteristics of 1 / F wave curve, etc.

In a word, through the perfect reduction of somatosensory sound wave equipment, it can produce good resonance with human organs, tissues, cell molecules, etc., so as to greatly enhance the orderly vibration and activity of cells, and greatly improve the effect of music therapy.

How about security:

Somatosensory music therapy has been developed in foreign countries for many years, and its safety has been verified as follows:

1. Controllable vibration intensity:

The vibration frequency of somatosensory music is in the range of audible sound waves. Even if there is a component close to infrasound, its intensity is controllable and shows the law of 1 / f fluctuation, which will not cause any harm or adverse effect on people.

2. Safe DC voltage:

The resistance of human body is generally between 800-10000 ohms. According to national safety standards, the voltage applied to human body should be below 36 volts, which is called safety voltage, and below 12 volts, which is called absolute safety voltage.

The voltage of body vibration sound is only 10V, which belongs to the absolute safety range. In other words, even if the human body contacts the exposed wires of the transducer, there is no risk of electric shock!

3. No electromagnetic radiation and interference:

According to the environmental health standard of electromagnetic wave formulated by the Ministry of health, the safety range of electromagnetic radiation is as follows:

Standard strength less than description

The first level safety zone 10 V / m will not have any adverse effects on the people who live, work and live for a long time under the electromagnetic wave intensity (including infants, pregnant women, the elderly, the weak and the disabled).

The people who live, work and live for a long time in the secondary intermediate area 25 V / m under the electromagnetic wave intensity may cause potential adverse reactions.

According to the detection of electromagnetic wave in Pioneer sound anechoic chamber of Japan, the volume vibration sound device belongs to the first level (absolute safety) range.

There will be nausea, vomiting and other discomfort of very individual people:

This is because the vibration frequency of somatosensory music is 16-150 Hz, which can be close to infrasound when the frequency is the lowest. The nausea, vomiting and other discomfort of very individual people may be related to ultra-low frequency sound (like carsickness).

Only when a single frequency, strong enough and continuous non musical sound wave or infrasound wave (such as 8 Hz, infrasound above 120 decibels) acts on the human body, it will cause the damage of the body's resonance response, which is also the main reason for the harm of low-frequency noise and infrasound wave.

The frequency of somatosensory music vibration is a vibration (i.e. 1 / f fluctuation) that changes completely with the sound wave of music, and its intensity is controllable (below 50dB), so it is absolutely safe, and has good biological effect, and has various benign adjustment effects on human body function.

In case of any discomfort in the treatment of somatosensory music, please stop using or reduce the vibration until you feel comfortable.