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澳门新浦新京8455com:What is music therapy? Is music therapy so magical?

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Music has medicinal effect. Many people can't understand that. Can listening to music cure diseases? Can it be so magical? According to the research, some music's unique melody and rhythm can make people's blood pressure reduce, basic metabolism and breathing speed slow down, and make people's physiological response when under pressure more moderate. It is not a new thing for western countries to apply music with medical system in various psychological and physiological treatments.

What is music therapy? Is music therapy so magical?

The therapeutic function of music, on the other hand, is to produce resonance effect on internal organs directly through the physical function of music. Because sound is a kind of vibration, and the human body itself is composed of many vibration systems, such as the beating of heart, gastrointestinal peristalsis, wave of brain wave, etc. When the vibration produced by listening to music resonates with the internal organs, it will make the human body secrete a kind of physiological active substance, regulate the blood flow and nerves, and make people full of vitality.

In addition, music has an active and positive function, which is a way to enhance creativity, thinking, make the right brain flexible, and can lead to important alpha brain waves. The unique rhythm and melody of music can rest our commonly used left brain which is in charge of language, analysis and reasoning; in contrast, it can stimulate the right brain which is in charge of emotion, creativity and imagination, and has a strong effect on the promotion of creativity, information absorption and other potential abilities.

In the early 19th century, music was used to promote sleep. Doctors point out that listening to suitable music for insomnia patients can indeed reduce the use of sleeping pills and tranquilizers. The rhythm of music can affect the body's hormonal; compared with the young, the old have a significant increase in neoadrenaline; the hormone has been confirmed in recent medical research and related to the occurrence of sleep and the number of waking up at night.

The scientific research of music improving sleep has been confirmed in Germany, the United States and the Soviet Union. The American Medical Review Committee has announced that most sleeping pills lose efficacy after two weeks of use. For the above reasons, music therapy has been paid more and more attention and has been widely used by medical staff.

Although different studies use different music, their music has one thing in common: the music beat is slightly equal to the human heart rate. Too fast or too slow music is not suitable for improving sleep; too fast music can make people nervous, too slow music can cause a sense of suspense.

Medical experiments have proved that the type of music can affect the blood circulation of the brain. Some concerts increase the blood volume of the brain and make the blood activity smooth. On the contrary, some concerts can reduce the speed of blood circulation and ease the external stimulation. For example, if you eat in a restaurant, soft music can make your appetite and digestion smooth, and you can fully enjoy the satisfaction and pleasure of eating. However, if you use dance music with fast melody or march music with strong rhythm, you will feel nervous and affect the function of the digestive system.

Not any pleasant music can achieve the effect of improving the mind! According to the empirical research of music psychologists in virtue day, if the music we listen to can't make us feel friendly, it can't achieve the effect of relaxing nerves and relieving pressure. The alpha wave in our brain dominates the stable and calm mood of the human body. Through listening to the music of psychotherapy, we can effectively strengthen the alpha wave, override other restless brain waves, and achieve the effect of physical and mental relaxation and stable and peaceful mood.

Listen to me carefully to analyze with you. Music is really a good medicine for physical and mental health. It is neither bitter nor harmful, and it can cure our body and mind in happiness.