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澳门新浦新京8455com:Psychological music relaxing sofa ykl-c / sf2508

Expansion angle: 110-165 degrees

Maximum bearing capacity: 100kg

Opening and closing times: 50000 opening and closing tests, no fault

Rated voltage: 220V

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Product introduction:

Music relaxing chair (sofa) is led by the frequency and pressure of music sound wave, which arouses people's psychological reaction. It is mainly composed of conscience music to improve the excitability of human cerebral cortex. Body massage as a supplement to relieve body pressure. So as to achieve the effect of improving mood, arousing emotion and inspiring spirit. At the same time, it also helps to eliminate a variety of bad emotions (such as tension, anxiety, panic). Improve people's psychological and physical quality.

working principle:

Music relaxing chair operates simultaneously through music (hearing), video or picture (vision), massage (touch), etc. to penetrate people's heart, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment and adjustment.

Main functions:

1. Relieve pressure and fatigue.

2. Eliminate bad emotions and promote the development of good emotions.

3. Improve the coordination of human physiological functions.

4. High decision-making and judgment ability.

Product features:

1. Affordable: the product is independently developed and produced, produced and sold by itself, without any intermediate link, and the price is affordable.

2. Imported high-quality cowhide - comfortable human contact, noble and generous, durable.

3. Free adjustment - electric stretching can realize any angle adjustment between sitting and lying, let you choose the most comfortable position to relax, massage your body with multi-directional music, make you fall asleep quickly, and help you achieve "perfect sleep".

Sofa combination material:

1. The contact surface is imported cowhide

2. High specification rough wood square as skeleton

3. Dense bow spring + imported cowhide tendon + medium soft sponge + non-woven fabric + saddle cloth

4. The cushion uses high-density sponge, and the backrest and armrest liner are filled with 3A doll cotton

5. Chenguang Dragon mechanical frame

Body feeling music relaxing massage sofa chair